How Can Your Child Compete In The Global Economy?

By | June 6, 2023

The Background And The Future

The recession lingers on. It seems as if life has changed forever. The quality of life that you grew up knowing seems to have vanished. The dream of going to college, getting a good job, and buying a home has become increasingly difficult to make a reality.

Since you’ve seen such rapid changes before your very eyes, what will the future be like? What kind of world will your child grow up in?

In today’s world, there are more people competing for less jobs and even lesser pay. Assuming this trend continues, how will your child become a part of this society and prosper?

Our political leaders have been trying to find solutions to this problem. We’ve been told as to why the economy collapsed. The housing bubble busted. The banks failed. The deficit is out of control. And so on.

The New Global Economy

The truth is that the U.S. Economy has become part of a larger “Global Economy,” where goods and services are made in the cheapest way possible from all over the world.

Even more, the global economy as a whole is in decline. The world has never seen a “global economy” before, and our leaders are trying to find a way to stop the decline, and return to a more prosperous life for you and your children.

The “Global Economy,” is fiercely competitive. It is unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. There are increasingly more people out there in the world who are smarter, more hardworking, and more competitive than you are.

And since the global economy is here to stay, do you want to wait and see if the political leadership will find a solution? It may be too late, and your children will be stuck with a poor economy, a lack of opportunities, and hopelessness for the future.

Or, do you take the matter in your own hands, join the race, and fight for your child’s share of future prosperity? I believe there is a lot you can do to compete and win for you and your children. But first, you must understand what you’re dealing with here.

Here are some facts about the U.S. Economy:

–Over 8 million job losses since 2008 in the U.S.

–Off-shoring American jobs is not being recorded by the media or government, but is estimated in the millions since 2000.

–About a quarter of all adults, and 43% of all currently unemployed adults, say the recession will have a big impact on their ability to achieve their long-term career goals.

The point is that there is a direct connection between the U.S. and the global economy. More jobs are moving overseas and they’re not coming back. More employers are maintaining their companies with fewer employees.

Without new jobs, and good paying jobs, how will your children enjoy the American life that you remember?

The global economy is not going anywhere and you must adapt. There is only one way that your child can compete to get a larger share of prosperity in the new economy: Education.

In order for your children to compete against the rest of the world for economic prosperity, they must have the best education in the world.

Here are some facts about how the U.S. education system compares to other countries:

–U.S is ranked 25 out of 30 industrialized nations in Math.

–U.S. is ranked 21 out of 30 industrialized nations in Science.

–U.S. students are ranked 15 for Reading literacy worldwide.

Pretty bad. Now you must be asking yourself: “What can I do to improve the education system?”

There is not a lot you can do to change the education system, but there are things you can do to help improve your child’s educational development.

Building An Intelligent Mind

For instance, what if there was a way to help your child improve his ability to learn faster, retain more information, and spark a hunger for knowledge?

In this way, you would have a child who would understand concepts quickly and remember more of it. And then, he would actively seek even more information to learn on his own! You must be wondering how you can help your child do that.

I have the answer for you. In fact, I discovered the answer when I was 13 years old and didn’t realize it at the time! The best part about it is that if I could do it, I KNOW your child can.

The answer is to learn Music. Yes, I know that it may be difficult to see the connection between learning music and your child’s future in the new global economy. It seems like two worlds apart.

But I am going to prove to you that learning music and economic growth form a bridge to prosperity. I will in fact show you how your child can be prosperous in a new world.

Parents: Take Action!

Please download my free Special Report on why your child should learn music. It’s part of my “Music and The Economy Series” literature. If you care about the future of your child in this ultra competitive world, then you need to read this report. If you need some more convincing before you go on to my website, please read my EzineArticle called “1 Secret That Many Geniuses Share.”

You are going to need everything possible to give your child an advantage over the competition. It’s about their future and making their dreams become reality.

Good Luck!